Socio-economics & Extension

Division of Socio-economic and Extension (DSEE)

The Division started with following objectives

  • Socio-economic and impact assessment studies on agricultural technologies.
  • Socio-economic and policy research including service delivery.
  • Technology assessment, refinement and transfer.
  • Capacity building and Human Resource development


  • Socio-economic and policy research
  • Technology assessment and refinement
  • Transfer of technology
  • Human resource development and impact assessment of technologies for the Eastern Region

Our Scientist

AbhayKumarDr. Abhay Kumar,   Principal Scientist

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UjjwalKumarDr. Ujjwal  Kumar,  Head &PS

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RameshBharatiDr.  R.C. Bharati, Principal Scientist

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NareshChandra Dr. N. Chandra,  Senior Scientist

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